My hardcovers naked and dressed! :)

now that I’ve had a few pumpkin spice lattes I am all over fall posts. I am no longer holding back.


{ oh, autumn. }


{ oh, autumn. }



Harnessing Chaos is a writing prompt blog aimed towards the witchcraft and pagan communities of Tumblr. Every few days there will be a challenge prompt typically comprised of a word or short phrase that writers can interpret in their practice however they wish. Writers are encouraged to use the tag #harnessingchaosprompts to be found and reblogged here. Writers can include further recent tags to help Harnessing Chaos to organize the directory, but are not required to.

Many within the community know of the Pagan Blog Project and others have seen the Kemetic Round Table. If you are like me you are terrible auth meeting in teak with the PBP and get too far behind to even bother trying to catch up and are not Kemetic and so cannot participate in the KRT. It is my hope that the HC writing prompts will inspire discussion like these other discussion topics do and to help others to be more active in their practices. I encourage interested parties to check prompts and write or to browse the blog and directory and join in discussions sparked by the prompts. Interested parties are welcome to respond to every prompt, to respond to inky those prompts they see in their Dash, our to respond only to prompts they hunt down because they were feeling chatting.

SURPRISE! This is the thing I was working on! I’m not completely done, but it’s ready to be shared! Pass it around. Tell me what you think. Have at ‘er! xD

dragonschilde asked: "We've read exactly the same number of books so far this year... I found that mildly amusing"

it is a bit amusing ^.^

43 titles read so far this year

2 were nonfic that I’m considering finished though I didn’t necessarily read word for word

Throne of Glass made it into my favorites of the year and I can’t wait to dive into Crown of Midnight.